Re: tracker breaking some links

From: "Moshe Katz" <moshe@PROTECTED>
Subject: Re: tracker breaking some links
Date: March 2nd 2013
I wonder if this has something to do with Dada's Quoted-Printable formatting.  For a while, certain links in the message footer were broken in a similar fashion (I can't seem to find the old email that described the issue though).


Moshe Katz
-- moshe@PROTECTED
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On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Mary Ann Kelley <maryann@PROTECTED> wrote:
For some time I've had to play with the input to Dada HTML mailings due to Tracker breaking random links. 

There is nothing unusual about the formatting of the broken links, so I can't figure out why they break. Sometimes removing the quotes from the href URL helps, sometimes not. Sometimes changing from double quotes to single quotes helps, sometimes not. It seems to be inserting a line break where there isn't one. Sometimes it comes through with half the link (the original link without the tracking) on a separate line and the link is broken, and sometimes it actually inserts %0A for the break.

becomes this:

after parsing by Dada. There is no line break in the html code. Any ideas on how to avoid this and the other problems with links changing?
Warm regards,

Mary Ann

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