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Pro Dada Forever, 20% Off for a Limited Time

From: "Dada Mail Announcement List" <justin@dadamailproject.com>
Subject: Pro Dada Forever, 20% Off for a Limited Time
Date: April 28th 2015

Dada Mail v8.0.2 Released

Dada Mail is a Contemporary Mailing List Manager, empowering you to easily manage a verified, public mailing list that your subscribers can trust, right on your own website (private lists, too!). v8.0.2 is our latest, greatest, stable release. See what's changed since v8.0.0.

Pro Dada Forever 20% Off - Limited Time

Click on the following link below:

Pro Dada/Manual - 20% OFF

to purchase Pro Dada Forever for 20% off the regular price (reg: $89.95, sale: $71.95). This offer ends May 15th, 2015 and is only available using the link above.

Purchase Pro Dada for a lifetime of access to the Dada Mail User Manual, as well as the Pro Dada distribution, which you an then install yourself, on as many websites you would like, for as long as we continue working on the Dada Mail project.

The Pro Dada Manual has a chapter dedicated to every screen in the list control panel, providing you help right where you need it. The Dada Mail Manual can be read online, or downloaded as PDF book. Sample Chapters:

The Pro Dada Manual has been revised and updated for the v8.0.0 release.

Is Your Current Install You Up-To-Date?

Still running v7, v6, v5 or something even more ancient? Now is the time to upgrade. Enjoy the new features, essential bug fixes, and resolved security issues. Get the most from all your Dada Mail campaigns.

Pro Dada Install/Upgrades

Professionally done Pro Dada installations start at only $44.95 for one-time install/upgrade, or $84.95 to include upgrades for an entire year.

Order an Install/Upgrade

Get 10% off your entire order by using the following coupon code:


(coupon good until April 30th, 2015 - ends soon!)

Already covered by our one year upgrade coverage? Let us know, and we will perform an upgrade.

Running another mailing list manager and want to switch? We can help with that, too. Get in touch.


Highlights for v8

  • Massive Code Restructuring = Massive Performance Gains
    Same great Dada Mail, new super-charged behind-the-scenes code. Now run Dada Mail in a pesistent environment easily under FastCGI, or any high performance, preforking PSGI/Plack environments. Want to run Dada Mail via reverse proxy with nginx? Go right ahead. It all boils down to one big thing: massive performance gains.

    Still want to run Dada Mail as a simple CGI app? no problem - nothing new to learn, or anything to configure differently. Dada Mail still comes with its own easy-to-use, web-based installer; power users have the option to do advanced configuration using the command line installer.

    Dada Mail is ready to grow with your own succesful mailing lists.

Demo Dada Mail

Get your feet wet! Try out Dada Mail on our Demo installation:

Demo Dada Mail

Fifteen Years

Our first release of what has become the massively successful Dada Mail was put out to the world in December of 1999. Incredible!

Thanks for reading! Spring is in the air!


Justin J
Lead Dadaist
The Dada Mail Project








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