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Dada Mail Announcement List

The Dada Mail Announce List is used to announce major new releases of Dada Mail, offer promotions for discounted Pro Dada subscriptions and installation services, as well as send out general news concerning Dada Mail!

v9.5.0 Released - Get the protection you need against bot attacks

July 11th 2016

Self-Hosted Mailing List Manager Make Sure You're Protected. Install or Upgrade to the latest version of Dada Mail, v9.5.0: StopForumSpam Integration is now here and enabled by default. The StopForumSpam service keeps a database of email addresses, locations, and usernames known to be used for abuse attempts on web apps like forums, blogs, and mailing lists. Dada Mail now supports looking up this information when a user goes through the subscription process. If the IP ad ...Continue Reading

Dada Mail Developers

This mailing list is to discuss the nerdy programming development of Dada Mail -

If you are just looking for support Dada Mail, consult the message boards at:


To post to this list, send a message to:


All subscribers of this list may post to the list itself.

Some on topic... topics include:

  • Positive Crits on the program (I like, "x", but, "y" needs some work - here's an idea on how to make this better...)
  • Bug/Error reports
  • Bug fixes
  • Request For Comments on any changes to the program
  • Help customizing Dada Mail for your own internal needs
  • Patches
  • Language Translations
  • Support Documentation/Doc editing, FAQ's, etc.
  • Discussion of any changes that you would like to be committed to the next version of Dada Mail -

At the moment, there aren't many people with CVS access for Dada Mail - if you would like CVS access, please first talk about the changes you propose and how it will affect the program. If the idea is sound and agreed upon, the change will be comitted. A good track record of this will allow you to have CVS access. Some reasons that patches will not be accepted is if the patch breaks compatibility with a previous version of the program, the patch is too centric to your own problem or the patch simply isn't very good.

Please, please please familiarize yourself with the documentation at:


Since no one wants to answer the same question twice.

Another sneaky reason for this mailing list is to test out the discussion list capabilities of Dada Mail, since Dada Mail is used for the mailing list itself.

NOTE - because of this, there may be times that this list will be somewhat broken. Although we're not planning on breaking the program by using it, we're giving you the heads up that this may well happen anyways.

Re: New issue - subject line can't be edited

July 23rd 2016

Yeah, I had just upgraded when new releases came out. I’m running 9.2.0 Stable on all 3 installs. Since I have to upgrade 3 installs I was waiting until it seemed like there was a good reason to upgrade. I will do so as soon as I can carve out the time (just returned from being out of the office for 3 weeks so I’m trying to get caught up) and send the steps and error log results.The biggest problem with sending the steps is that I can’t even recreate my own problems on the site running on a different server - ...Continue Reading



test Message

December 15th 2015

Test message, with attachments, ...Continue Reading


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