Dada Mail Four Point Zero Point Five Released

From: "Dada Mail Announcement List" <justin@dadamailproject.com>
Subject: Dada Mail Four Point Zero Point Five Released
Date: May 12th 2010

Dada Mail Four Point Zero Point Five Released



What's New?

This release is a bug-fix only release. There's lots of technical stuff changed under the hood - if you've had trouble with connecting with POP3 and SMTP servers, well - this may be the release for you (see the changelog for more details)

Pro Dada Four - Ever: $50

Our spiffy sale of Pro Dada for $44 is now over. But! you can still get the Dada Four, Forever Deal for $50 and that's not too bad. This deal may well just go on forever - or until Four is forever and Dada Mail Five is upon us, in which case we'll need to figure out all new puns dealing with this brand new number. "Five is Alive!", seems like a usable angle...

Purchase at:


Pro Dada Four Installed - $100 - Bounce Handler included!

Get Pro Dada installed by us or get any current Dada Mail upgraded to Pro Dada Mail Four, for $100 and we'll install Mystery Girl, the Bounce Handler for Dada Mail as part of the install/upgrade for free (usually, it's $50),

We'll keep upgrading it at your request for a year, but you'll have access to the Pro Dada Download and Dada Mail Manual for the life of the Dada Mail project.

Request an Install or Upgrade:


This deal will see it's longest day on June 21st and then make it's long way back to darkness, so take us up on it, while it's summer time!

We're looking forward to receiving your feedback on Dada Mail Four.

Good luck!

Justin J Lead Dadaist http://dadamailproject.com

Dada Mail 4.0.5 Changelog:

Changes 4.0.5

POP3 and SMTP Passwords Saved in List Settings

This is not a security bug/issue/notice - rather, this is a bug that was introduced with the full UTF-8 support.

The binary-in-nature encrypted passwords saved by Dada Mail in the List Settings table/files in Dada Mail may have become unusable/corrupted with version 4.0.3 and/or 4.0.4 of Dada Mail.

If you are having trouble/an impossible time using any of the POP3 or SMTP connection stuff in Dada Mail, including Dada Bridge, Mystery Girl (Bounce Handler) or POP-before-SMTP and/or SMTP SASL authentication - or even the Twitter stuff, you may be bitten by this bug. 4.0.5 should provide a fix for this problem, BUT (big but), 4.0.5 could potentialy break any currently stored passwords.

The fix will be to simply re-save the correct password, after you've upgraded to 4.0.5.

New users of Dada Mail will not be affected by this problem.

This problem does not impact your List Password, or the Dada Mail Root Password - both of which are saved in a one-way encryption, that is separate from the way POP3/SMTP passwords are saved in Dada Mail.

Bug Fixes 4.0.5

Subscriptions are not logged in the usage log.


Subscribers can be subscribed more than once to the black list


Dada Bridge sending broken if, "Strip attachments that have the following file ending or mime-type:" is enabled


"Soft_Max_Size_Of_Any_Message" Dada Bridge plugin var not in "example_dada_config.txt" or the .dada_config semi-auto install template


No List-Unsubscribe header in some email messages


Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at /DADA/Profile.pm line 59"


Dada Bridge doesn't give friendly message about info being saved when you save info


POP3/SMTP passwords corrupted?


Archived messages for discussion lists may have member-specific unsubscribe links


Send a Webpage gives unhelpful error if you enter a wrong URL of a missing page


4.0.1 Open discussion lists broken


This bug wasn't actually closed with this release, but from a previous release. It has though, been confirmed to be closed with this release.

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