Dada Mail Four Point Zero Point Two Released

From: "Dada Mail Announcement List" <justin@dadamailproject.com>
Subject: Dada Mail Four Point Zero Point Two Released
Date: January 6th 2010

Dada Mail Four Point Zero Point Two Released

What's New

Dada Mail 4.0.2 is a bug-fix only release - no new features, but if you're using the Dada Bridge plugin, please upgrade as a bug in this plugin could allow for easy email spoofing of your mailing list (and that's not good). The full change log is below.



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Dada Mail Turns Ten in 2010

The Dada Mail Project started ten years ago in December of 1999 as a small curiosity and has gradually evolved and developed into an extremely popular programming and conceptual art project. Happy Birthday, Dada Mail.

Dada Mail Four is our latest release. Thanks for everyone's thoughtful feedback in this year-long development effort.

We couldn't have done it without you.

We're looking forward to receiving your feedback on Dada Mail Four.

Good luck!

Justin J Lead Dadaist http://dadamailproject.com

Changes 4.0.2

Dada Bridge: "Allow Open Discussion List" option always viewable

For whatever reason, the, "Allow Open Discussion List" option wasn't viewable, until you first enabled discussion lists. It will now always be viewable, as long as the Plugin Config Param, Allow_Open_Discussion_List is set to, 1

Dada Bridge: New Plugin Config Param: Check_Multiple_From_Addresses

A new Plugin Config Paramater called, Check_Multiple_From_Addresses has been added and has a default value of, 1. When enabled, messages that have more than one sender aren't supported by Dada Bridge and these messages will be ignored.

Set this paramater to, 0 to revert to the previous behavior.

Mail Sending - "broken pipe" catch removed

Dada Mail had a very simple test to make sure mail using the sendmail command was successful, by looking at any error messages created from sending mail this way. If a, "broken pipe" message was found while sending a mass mailing, a mass mailing would be stopped, and would be picked up and sending would be attempted starting at the same address that gave the error. The complete logged error may look like this:

    [Mon Jan  4 16:40:08 2010] mail.cgi: Pro Dada 4.0.1 Warning: 
    [Mon Jan  4 16:40:08 2010] mail.cgi:                          didn't close pipe to '|/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -fbounces@example.com' while 
    [Mon Jan  4 16:40:08 2010] mail.cgi:                          attempting to send a message to: '"My Mailing List" <me@example.com> because:' Broken pipe at ..//DADA/MailingList/Schedules.pm line 808
    [Mon Jan  4 16:40:08 2010] mail.cgi: Broken Pipe error! returning -1 - Mass Mailing should be exit()ed! at ..//DADA/MailingList/Schedules.pm line 808
    [Mon Jan  4 16:40:08 2010] mail.cgi: [listshortname]  Mailout:<20100104164007.54315974@example.com> Bailing out of Mailing for now - last message was unable to be sent! exit()ing! at ..//DADA/MailingList/Schedules.pm line 808

This behavior is problematic, since the, "broken pipe" error can happen, even if a message (or part of a message) is actually sent. Sometimes this happens if you have a message that contains a dot by itself on one line, like this:


If this is problematic to you (messages being cut off because of a lone dot on one line) and you're using the sendmail command to send messages, consider changing the $MAIL_SETTINGS and, $MASS_MAIL_SETTINGS Config variables to include the, -i flag, like this:


Bug Fixes 4.0.2

confirmation pins with '/' as the first character break the confirmation process


Dada Bridge: "Deliver a Copy" isn't working


pop3_username paramater not passed to sending_preferences.tmpl


Dada Bridge: From: header validation can be spoofed


Use One SMTP Connection per Batch (Experimental) unsaveable?


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