Dada Mail 3.0.0 Released.

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Subject: Dada Mail 3.0.0 Released.
Date: June 25th 2008

Dada Mail 3.0 is now here.

Table of Contents:

  • Our New Support Site
  • Dada Mail 3.0.0 Stable Released
  • What is Dada Mail?
  • The Dada Mail Demo
  • Pro Dada 3
  • The Dada Mail Manual
  • Professional Installation Services
  • Bluehost and Dada Mail - One Click Install
  • Taking a break on July 7th, will return September 3rd

:: Our New Support Site

The Dada Mail Project has a new URL:


:: Dada Mail 3.0.0 Stable Released.

Download Dada Mail:


Dada Mail is a Free Download. We suggest upgrading any version of Dada Mail created to Dada Mail 3.

For a quick tour of the new features:


The biggest feature new in Dada Mail is custom Subscriber Fields and the advanced Email Templating System to work with these subscriber fields.

:: What is Dada Mail?

Dada Mail is a completely contemporary, mature and intuitive web-based e-mail list management system, which runs on most any Unix-like hosting account that can run custom CGI scripts. Dada Mail is also a conceptual art project.

Dada Mail handles Closed-Loop Opt-in/Opt-out subscriptions, sending complex announce-only and/or discussion mailing list messages with an advanced, fault-tolerant mass mailing monitor, supports the archiving/viewing/searching/resending/syndicating (rss, atom) of sent messages and doing all this and a whole lot more with style.

Dada Mail can handle custom subscriber fields and you can use the information it captures for partial list sending based on a query and Dada Mail's email templating system allows you to create targeted and completely custom email messages for each and every one one of your subscribers.

Dada Mail is bundled with additional plugins and extensions to extend Dada Mail's capabilities. Some of the plugins/extensions support advanced bounce handling, click-through tracking, mass mail scheduling, blog interfaces of archived messages, AJAX subscription form trickery and lots of other surprises.

Dada Mail produces XHTML valid web content and sticks to best practices when creating email messages. Write Once: Distribute Everywhere. Dada Mail is free software that you're able to use, modify, share and enhance under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Dada Mail is written in Perl because we love Perl.

:: The Dada Mail Demo

Want to play around with the program before downloading? Try our demo:


:: Pro Dada 3

Pro Dada is a version of Dada Mail for people who want to support the Dada Mail Project financially.

For the last 8+ years, Dada Mail has been written primarily by one developer and the Dada Mail project is what's been paying his college student loans and helping him develop as an active, prolific, exhibiting Artist. Thank you for everyone's support in the last 8+ years.

A purchase of Pro Dada 3 gives you a One Year Subscription allowing you to:

  • Download Pro Dada, a version of Dada Mail configured without list creation or subscription quota restrictions

  • Download the Dada Mail Manual, a user-centric manual covering most all of Dada Mail's List Control Panel, as well as installing and upgrading Dada Mail and with a few other advanced topics - over 20 chapters in all.

  • View the same Dada Mail Manual conveniently online

  • In Program Nag Messages un-Nagged

  • Warm Fuzzy Feelings that you're supporting a developing Career Artist, Independent Programmer and Free Software in General

Pro Dada is self-serve, so you may purchase it via PayPal at:


And download it at:


Your subscription keeps the Dada Mail Project running. More information, screen shots of the Subscriber back end and a Table of Contents of the Dada Mail Manual can be found at the aforementioned:


:: The Dada Mail Manual

The Dada Mail Manual has replaced the Magic Book. It's filled with all new documentation, heavily covering almost every single list administration screen as well as installation, configuration, plugins/extensions and other more advanced topics.

In 3.0, there's links to the relevant topics in most every list control panel screen of your own Dada Mail installation, so help is now just a click away.

The Dada Mail Manual is more user-centered than the Magicbook was, filling the need for an actual manual of the program, instead of a book of tricks.

We think it's pretty amazing and is currently only offered with a Pro Dada Subscription and with our own installation services.

We've put six whole sample chapters up that detail the Basic, Advanced and Semi-Automatic Installation Methods of Dada Mail, as well as Configuring Dada Mail for the SQL Backend and Upgrading Dada Mail. Start reading them at:


Again, if you're already a subscriber (subscriptions are a year in length), start downloading and reading the new Dada Mail Manual, as well as grab a copy of Pro Dada at:


If not, go ahead and help support the Dada Mail Project:


If you've purchased only the Dada Mail Magicbook in the last year, well, today is your lucky day - contact us and we'll transform your Magicbook-only subscription to a Pro Dada subscription, complete with the Dada Mail Manual. Thanks for supporting Dada Mail by Subscribing the Magicbook and you're welcome.

:: Professional Installation Services

Get a professional installation done by us with many plugins and extensions offered (7 in all are included at the base price and many more can be added for a little more extra).

Let us upgrade your current Dada Mail - no matter what the version is to 3.0 and keep all your old list subscribers, settings and archives. You'll also help keep the Dada Mail Project afloat.

Here's more information:


Finally, our Pro Dada installations also give you a full year subscription to Pro Dada and the Dada Mail Manual - complete with download links for Pro Dada and the Dada Mail Manual.

:: Bluehost and Dada Mail - One Click Install

Bluehost has recently added the, SimpleScripts feature in their Cpanel and SimpleScripts includes a one-click installation of Dada Mail.

SimpleScripts themselves have been extremely good at staying on top of our releases. So, if you want an easy way to install Dada Mail, including the betas of Dada Mail 3.0, it's literally a one-click installation away. Thousands of people already have - it's quite amazing to this very teeny tiny developer. The Simple Scripts installer seems to be able to upgrade your Dada Mail, and configures Dada Mail with the SQL backend. None too shabby.

Here's more information on Bluehost:


:: Taking a break on July 7th, will return in September

Finally, this is a heads-up that I will be taking a leave from World Headquarters to ride my bicycle around Europe for two whole months. I'll be starting in Paris, France and ending in Dublin, Ireland.

If you need something from me - questions answered, development done, installations finished - let me know as soon as heavenly possible and we'll get that all set. I may check in with World Headquarters from time to time, but consider me fairly unreachable (by design! :grin:) for most of that time. I hope you too have a great summer -

And again, truly thank you for all the support from everyone in the now very long Dada Mail story. I know 3.0 took a very long time to be released, but I hope the wait has been worth it. Give the new version a try and let us know how it's been helping you to communicate -


Justin J Lead Dadaist, the Dada Mail Project http://dadamailproject.com

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