Dada Mail 2.10.15 Stable Released, Dada Mail 2.11 Alpha 6 Released

From: Simoni Creative <dada@skazat.com>
Subject: Dada Mail 2.10.15 Stable Released, Dada Mail 2.11 Alpha 6 Released
Date: June 27th 2007

Hello Everyone,

Table of Contents:

.: Dada Mail 2.10.15 Released .: Pro Dada 2.10.15 Available .: Dada Mail 2.11 Alpha 6 Available

:: Dada Mail 2.10.15 Released

I'm very happy to announce the immediate availability of Dada Mail, version 2.10.15. This version contains bug fixes found in version 2.10.14. This release is purely a bug fix release, so no new features, but the amount of bugs found, tagged and fixed totals over twenty, so it's worth the time to upgrade.

As always, Dada Mail is a free download at:


For more detailed information about the changes in this release, please see:

.: Bug Fixes/Changes: http://mojo.skazat.com/support/documentation-dada-2_10_15/changes.pod.html#2_10_15_stable__released_6_26_07

:: Pro Dada 2.10.15 Available

Pro Dada 2.10.15 is now also available. Pro Dada is a version of Dada Mail that does not include the visible copyright footer and link back to the support site in the HTML screens or email messages. Pro Dada also comes with a copy of the Magicbook. A one year subscription to Pro Dada is only $50. More information:


Please note that we've made more differences between Basic Dada Mail and Pro Dada. The above page notes all the changes between the two different distributions. If you're upgrading a Basic Dada Mail installation, you may want to make sure Dada Mail still supports the size and amount of lists you currently have.

Purchases of Pro Dada keep the Dada Mail project continuing strong. If you use Dada Mail in a commercial environment, consider purchasing Pro Dada. It's the main way Dada Mail is kept alive.

We really appreciate everyone who does purchase a copy of Pro Dada. Purchases make almost all development happen.

.: For current subscribers:

Download Pro Dada - here's the URL for the self-serve download area:


:: Dada Mail 2.11 Alpha 6 Available

I'm also happy to announce the immediate availability of Dada Mail, 2.11 Alpha 6.

.: Download 2.11 Alpha 6 Available

2.11 Alpha 6 tar.gz distibution:


  • 2.11 Alpha 6 zip distribution:


This development version has some exciting new features. Some that we're really excited about include:

  • Configure some of the more popular plugins/extensions in the Config.pm/outside configuration file for ease-of-upgradeness

  • Integration of the reCaptcha and Mail Hide systems. More information on those:

    • http://recaptcha.net/
    • http://mailhide.recaptcha.net/
  • The Re-introduction of the old moderation system in dada_bridge.pl - redubbed, "Authorized Senders List".

The entire (long) list of improvements is located at:


Also note that this alpha version has it's own documentation:


One of the things we've done in this release is include every single plugin and extension for Dada Mail that we personally make in the distro itself - including the ones usually found in the Magicbook and Pro Dada. They'll only work with this alpha version, but giving them a try with this dev. version of the program could give you a taste of what they're all about.

And, that's it!

I'm going on an extended trip in July and won't be back until early August: I'll be riding a bicycle from Vancouver, British Columbia to Tijuana, Mexico - self supported and camping along the way.

Wish me luck and I'll see everyone in August!

Justin Simoni Lead Dadaist http://mojo.skazat.com

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