Dada Mail 2.10.14 Released, 2.11 Alpha 5 Released, Joomla Plugin Released and more

From: Simoni Creative <dada@skazat.com>
Subject: Dada Mail 2.10.14 Released, 2.11 Alpha 5 Released, Joomla Plugin Released and more
Date: May 10th 2007

Hello Everyone,

Table of Contents:

.: Dada Mail 2.10.14 Released .: Pro Dada 2.10.14 Available .: Professional Installation/Upgrade Services .: Joomla Integration and Dada Mail .: Dada Mail 2.11 Alpha 5 Available .: New docs: The Road to Multiple Fields

:: Dada Mail 2.10.14 Released

I'm very happy to announce the immediate availability of Dada Mail, version 2.10.14. This version contains bug fixes found in version 2.10.13. This release is purely a bug fix release, so no new features, but the amount of bugs found, tagged and fixed totals over twenty, so it's worth the time to upgrade.

As always, Dada Mail is a free download at:


For more detailed information about the changes in this release, please see:

.: Bug Fixes/Changes: http://mojo.skazat.com/support/documentation-dada-2_10_14/changes.pod.html#2_10_14_stable__released_5_9_07

.: New Documentation

Although there aren't any new features in Dada Mail, we continue to expand the documentation on Dada Mail. A few new docs:

.: Integrating Dada Mail into other Programs


We've started documenting a few of the ways you can easily integrate Dada Mail into your already created programs, since that's what all the cool kids are doing.

:: Pro Dada 2.10.14 Available

Pro Dada 2.10.14 is now also available. Pro Dada is a version of Dada Mail that does not include the visible copyright footer and link back to the support site in the HTML screens or email messages. Pro Dada also comes with a copy of the Magicbook. A one year subscription to Pro Dada is only $50. More information:


Please note that we've made more differences between Basic Dada Mail and Pro Dada. The above page notes all the changes between the two different distributions. If you're upgrading a Basic Dada Mail installation, you may want to make sure Dada Mail still supports the size and amount of lists you currently have.

Purchases of Pro Dada keep the Dada Mail project continuing strong. If you use Dada Mail in a commercial environment, consider purchasing Pro Dada. It's the main way Dada Mail is kept alive.

We really appreciate everyone who does purchase a copy of Pro Dada. Purchases make almost all development happen.

.: For current subscribers:

Download Pro Dada - here's the URL for the self-serve download area:


We've included a download of the distribution for zip format now, no need to ask us directly anymore.

(Note: if you purchased Pro Dada through ShareIt!, make sure to contact us directly to receive an update - and have your Shareit! email receipt handy.)

:: Professional Installation/Upgrade Services

As always, we are providing professional, secure and awesome installation/upgrade services that include fixing corrupted installations, server moves, troubleshooting and also personal consultation and contracting.

For simple installation/upgrades, please see:


for more information. Currently, a pro upgrade to 2.10.14 from any previous version of Dada Mail is $100. This upgrade comes with one full year of free upgrades to the program as they become available. A great deal.

Make sure to check out some of the other great options when getting an installation/upgrade. Some of these options include:

+ FCKeditor WYSIWYG HTML editor support
+ Installation of, "Mystery Girl", the bounce handler for Dada Mail
+ Installation of, "Beatitude", the scheduled mailer for Dada Mail
+ High-Traffic Optimization of Dada Mail
+ Discussion List support via the dada_bridge.pl plugin
+ Server Migrations

We've also expanded the description of all the above features to help you decide which options are right for you.

We've also started handling custom template designs, so you can us take Dada Mail and make it integrate with your site more seamlessly than ever.

:: Joomla Integration and Dada Mail

We're very excited to announce that a Dada Mail user named Bruce Scherzinger has contributed to the Dada Mail project with his own independent project to help you work integrate Dada Mail and Joomla!

Here's more information:


It states:

"This Community Builder plug-in implements a bridge between Dada Mail and Joomla that allows site members to manage their subscriptions to email lists from their CB profiles."

Give it a try and let Bruce know how much you appreciate his work! I'm pretty positive that this plugin for Joomla will become more popular than Dada Mail itself. However... that would work.

:: Dada Mail 2.11 Alpha 5 Available

I'm also happy to announce the immediate availability of Dada Mail, 2.11 Alpha 5.

.: Download 2.11 Alpha 5 Available

2.11 Alpha 5 tar.gz distibution:


  • 2.11 Alpha 5 zip distribution:


This is a feature-only release, based on Dada Mail 2.10.13. It brings some exciting features to Dada Mail, specifically to the Mailing Monitor part of Dada Mail. If you've used that part of Dada Mail extensively, you'll know how valuable and powerful it is. Some improvements:

  • A limit on how many mailouts may go out at once
  • A limit on how long a mailout can sit without doing anything before it becomes, "stale" (and won't be automatically acted upon)
  • The ability to pause a mailout
  • Mailout queueing support, so your awaiting mailouts don't just disappear.

We really need some help in testing out the new features, so if you can, give it a download (for testing purposes only!) and let us know how it fares.

The alpha version also has a new extension called, "blog_index.cgi", which writes a page of archived messages in a, "blog style", with all the messages in one page. We're using it ourselves on the home page of the Dada Mail support site and it may prove to be a popular extension to Dada Mail for people looking to solve multiple problems with a simple, easy and integrated solution.

Here's more information on that plugin:


Also, do note that this alpha version has an entire set of its own documentation at:


:: New docs: The Road to Multiple Fields

Finally (whew!), we've put up some, "blue print" docs on how we're going to get multiple fields in Dada Mail. We've been hard at work with changing the infrastructure of Dada Mail from the inside out to support such a feature and these docs are working from the outside in, with a bird's eye view of what's going happen to Dada Mail, all the way to programming API's. We're still hard at work on the blueprint, but we'd really appreciate your feedback.


So, a lot happening in Dada Mail World. I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for your continued support to this ever growing and changing project!

Justin Simoni Lead Dadaist http://mojo.skazat.com

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