Announcing: Dada Mail Nine

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Subject: Announcing: Dada Mail Nine
Date: November 18th 2015
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Time for Nine. Dada Mail 9.

Dada Mail Nine Beta is now ready for you. Featuring a completely redesigned, reimagined, and responsively-designed front end, Dada Mail 9 helps you be more productive on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Wheverever you happen to be, Dada Mail can now come along.

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Even with a brand new Dada Mail release imminent, we're planning for the future. We want to better serve you, support Dada Mail, and make sure we're spending our energy wisely - Can we ask you a few questions? We'll give you 20% off a Pro Dada/Manual subscription (Yearly, or Forever) for your troubles.

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Thanks once again for a being a subscriber - and for being one of our most enthusiastic users of Dada Mail. The future looks bright!

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