Dada Mail 4.8.0 Released

From: "Dada Mail Announcement List" <justin@dadamailproject.com>
Subject: Dada Mail 4.8.0 Released
Date: September 29th 2011

Dada Mail Four Point Eight Point Zero Released

Download and Install:


What's New?

  • This release has a big bundle of bug fixes - around two dozen! since the 4.7.0 release.
  • The Dada Bridge plugin also gets some tender loving care. Bridge-specific email messages can now be edited on a per-list basis within the list control panel
  • There's a also new chapter in the Dada Mail Manual about Dada Bridge and all its wonderful settings and options. If you're a Pro Dada subscriber, check it out. If you're not a Pro Dada subscriber - become one!

Here's the complete changelog:


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Thanks for reading!

Justin J
Lead Dadaist

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