Dada Mail Four Point One Point One Released

From: "Dada Mail Announcement List" <justin@dadamailproject.com>
Subject: Dada Mail Four Point One Point One Released
Date: December 26th 2010

Dada Mail 4.3.1 has been released!

Dada Mail is a Contemporary Mailing List Manager. Dada Mail works brilliantly - especially when you want to run a verified, closed loop opt-in subscription-based mailing list that your subscribers can trust.

Why is Closed-Loop Opt In So Important?:


Download Dada Mail

Dada Mail is free to download, to use and is developed openly:

Download Dada Mail 4.3.1 (tar.gz)


Download Pro Dada 4.3.1


Once you've downloaded Dada Mail, learn how to install:


Or, upgrade your Dada Mail:


Purchase Pro Dada Mail


Purchasing Pro Dada Mail for $50 gives you access to Pro Dada and the Dada Mail Manual for the life of the Dada Mail Project! Pro Dada removes the default list quotas and subscription quotas, as well as links back to the support site. It also supports the Dada Mail project and it's developer.

We really appreciate the support we've gotten from you in the nearly 11 years of the Dada Mail Project! Thanks, everyone who has shown support!

Purchase Pro Dada:


Pro Installs of Pro Dada:


Get Dada Mail installed, or a current installation upgraded by us, professionally for $100 to start. Our install/upgrades give you lifetime access to Pro Dada and the Dada Mail Manual (a $50 value) and includes upgrades done by us for a year. Order an install/upgrade here:


Already have an installation we've done for you? Are you within the year of included upgrades? Contact us for a included upgrade:


Leave Us Some Feedback

Let us know how we're doing with the Dada Mail Project and any changes you'd like to see in the future:


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful start to the New Year!

Justin J
Lead Dadaist

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