Dada Mail 3.0.1 Beta 1 Released, Request for Comments on New Features

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Subject: Dada Mail 3.0.1 Beta 1 Released, Request for Comments on New Features
Date: November 12th 2008

Hello everyone,

This is a short email, as the next email we send will be long and involved - but quickly:

Dada Mail 3.0.1 Beta 1 is released! This is a bugfix-only, development release and only features the 20+ bugfixes listed in the changelog. If you have the time to test this out, we would appreciate any and all feedback you can give us.

Here are the direct downloads:

Dada Mail 3.0.1 Beta 1(.tar.gz)


Dada Mail 3.0.1 Beta 1 (.zip)


And the docs for this release:


If you were having trouble with any part of Dada Mail 3.0.0, see if it's listed on the changelog as being fixed:


If it is, test out the new version and see if the problem has been resolved. If it hasn't, or you have a different problem, please let us now as soon as you can!

We're also releasing a Pro Dada version of this beta developement release, so if you're a Pro Dada subscriber, you can go ahead and download it at:


Finally, we're requesting comments on the next feature release of Dada Mail and specifically, what features should we put in? We'd like to perhaps put this up for a vote very very soon and maybe correspond this with a fundraiser to help offset the costs of developement. What do you all think? If you'd like to add your opinions, please see the forum post at:

Or, reply to this email.

Thanks again for everyone's past feedback and support - it's incredibly apprecaited. I will announce the stable release of 3.0.1, as well as a few more surprises, as soon as the 3.0.1 release is officially ready.

Justin J
Lead Dadaist, The Dada Mail Project

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