Introducing Dada Mail 3

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Subject: Introducing Dada Mail 3
Date: April 13th 2008

Hello Everyone,

Table of Contents:

  • Hello! Dada Mail 3
  • Our Installation Services - We're Installing 3.0
  • Bluehost One-Click Installs

:: Hello! Dada Mail 3.0

I'd like to announce the immediate availability of Dada Mail version 3.0 beta 1.

As you all know, Dada Mail is a free download! You may grab it at:


This version supports arbitrary subscriber fields and has over 2 months of polish, bug fixes and general hard work done to it since our last alpha release. This version should be pretty much A-OK to be used on production servers, but! there's no in-depth documentation currently written for it. In other words, the Magicbook only covers version 2 for the time being.

We're excited about the release and we hope you're excited about the release too.

There's a walk though of some of the more major features at:


To more familiarize yourself, you may want to read the below docs:

.: Dada Mail Feature Overview


.: Dada Mail 2.x to Dada Mail 3.x Guide


.: Subscriber Fields in Dada Mail, 3.0


.: The Dada Mail 3.0 Email Template Syntax


:: Our Installation Services - We're Installing 3.0

We're started installation Dada Mail 3.0 for our clients for almost a month now and we'd love to install/upgrade it for you. Get a professional installation done by us with many plugins and extensions offered.

Upgrade your current Dada Mail - no matter what the version is to 3.0 and keep all your old list subscribers, settings and archives. You'll also help keep the Dada Mail Project afloat.

Here's more information:


:: Bluehost One-Click Installs

Some other great news past my way - Bluehost ( http://www.bluehost.com/track/dadamail/ ) is offering one-click installations of Dada Mail for their hosting accounts via the SimpleScripts module. Look for it in your hosting account's Cpanel. Their installation currently installs version 2.10.16 of Dada Mail.

I do hope you all get to try Dada Mail 3 with all of its great new features. Please, if you have any questions or feedback, give me a reply and tell me what you all think,


Justin J
Lead Dadaist, The Dada Mail Project

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