Default Mass Mailing Messages

Plugin: default_mass_mailing_messages.cgi - Set Default Mass Mailing Messages

This plugin allows you to set default message copy in the, "Send a Message" and "Send a Webpage" screens. This copy can be loaded with dummy/placeholder text to be used as a starting point for a new mailing list message.

This copy can reside outside of the program at a different file location or URL, or can be inputted directly into the plugin itself.


This plugin can be installed during a Dada Mail install/upgrade, using the included installer that comes with Dada Mail. The below installation instructions go through how to install the plugin manually.

Change permissions of "default_mass_mailing_messages.cgi" to 755

The, default_mass_mailing_messages.cgi plugin will be located in your, dada/plugins diretory. Change the script to, 755

Configure your .dada_config file

Now, edit your .dada_config file, so that it shows the plugin in the left-hand menu, under the, Plugins heading:

First, see if the following lines are present in your .dada_config file:

 # start cut for list control panel menu

 # end cut for list control panel menu

If they are, remove them.

Then, find these lines:

 #                                      {
 #                                      -Title      => 'Default Mass Mailing Messages',
 #                                      -Title_URL  => $PLUGIN_URL."/default_mass_mailing_messages.cgi",
 #                                      -Function   => 'default_mass_mailing_messages',
 #                                      -Activated  => 1,
 #                                      },

Uncomment the lines, by taking off the, "#"'s:

                                        -Title      => 'Default Mass Mailing Messages',
                                        -Title_URL  => $PLUGIN_URL."/default_mass_mailing_messages.cgi",
                                        -Function   => 'default_mass_mailing_messages',
                                        -Activated  => 1,

Save your .dada_config file.

Default Text and CKeditor/TinyMCE

Setting default text/copy for the HTML message will work when using one of the WYSIWYG editors that Dada Mail supports. Some guidelines:


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