v11.x Changelog


This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.4.5 release of Dada Mail.


HTML to PlainText subroutine does not properly strip out HTML comments



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.4.4 release of Dada Mail.


Better error reporting when sending webpages

If problems occur when trying to send a message via the option, "Grab content from a URL" (and then entering a URL), error reporting has now been enhanced both right in the UI, as well as in the error log.

Error reporting has also been enhanced in similar ways when cropping a webpage by id/class.



Membership: View: Authorized Senders

The, Membership: View: Authorized Senders screen now has descriptive text on just what the sublist is.

If the option to send out messages without needing moderation is enabled in Bridge, that is also mentioned and described.


The Bounce Handler email address is listed in the, Mailing List: List Information screen

This is to make it easier to understand how to set up the Bounce Handler correctly to process bounced messages.



Send a Webpage: Content via a URL: no feedback/error thrown if problems were found with the crop


List Consents can be blank


"available_lists()" SQL query just isn't specific enough to find the actual lists available


Send a Webpage errors should be shown in Send a Message screen (or at least in error log)


Incorrect Profile Login asks if you are registered, even if "Registering" is disabled.


"Already Subscribed" email notification does not show subscriber email correctly


Plugin: Tracker: Hard Bounce report sometimes not shown



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.4.3 release of Dada Mail.


Make FastCGI/PSGI setup "Experimental" so to give people pause before using it #823


MySQL Schema, default TIMESTAMP set to, '0000-00-00 00:00:00' in dada_message_drafts




This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.4.2 release of Dada Mail.


Yikes! App/Server Problem! page returns the wrong HTTP response code 200 instead of 500 #817



Adding random query strings to some resources to get past caching #821



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.4.1 release of Dada Mail.


Plugins: Bridge: saving settings will delete POP3 Discussion Password



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.4.0 release of Dada Mail.


Broken Image shown if Logo Image URL set incorrectly #814


"mailing_list_message-none.html" is shipped with styling (no styling should be present) #10



This release has changes mostly that relate to the Tracker plugin:


Google Maps API Key support

On June 1st, Google will require anyone that accesses their maps API to get an API Key (and thus, sign up for Google Cloud Platform). Dada Mail uses the map charts to show location data, and this falls under using their maps. Rather than remove this feature from Dada Mail, we've instead added support to add this Maps API Key into Dada Mail.

You can grab an API key using these instructions:


Once you have a key, you may add it to Dada Mail through the Dada Mail Installer - look for a checkbox labeled,

Configure Google Maps

Check it, then add your Google Maps API Key in the textbox labeled,

Google Maps API Key

If this API Key is not available, none of the map charts will be shown, but tabular data will be available where that makes sense. You can also disable showing maps in the Tracker plugin with a new option labeled,

Show maps in message reports

Configure Handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Dada Mail now has the ability - install-wide to control just what personally identifying information is allowed to be collected. New options are available in the installer under the option,

Configure Handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Options are:

Allow email addresses to be logged for tracking/analytical purposes

Default: disabled

If enabled, Dada Mail will then enable an option in the Tracker plugin labeled,

Track with email addresses

Which may be enabled/disabled per mailing list.

When this option is enabled, the Tracker plugin will log and report data that includes the email address.

If disabled, the following message will be shown in the Tracker plugin,

     Disabled. Logging email addresses for analytical purposes is not enabled. 

Log complete/anonymized IP addresses

Default: anonymized

Dada Mail by default anonymizes IP addresses before logging them. If you would like to enable saving the actual IP address being reported, you now have the option to do so.

Make sure to be educated on these options - if you need to follow the guidelines put forth by the GDPR, neither tracking with an email address, nor logging IP addresses should be things you should be doing, unless you've been given consent to do so. See also


IP addresses and the Tracker plugin

One of the places that full IP addresses are useful, is when reporting where opens, clickthroughs, etc are done geographically, and Dada Mail reports this using it's map charts.

If IP address logging is anonymized, this location lookup by IP address is negatively impacted.

This is now noted in the Tracker plugin, and a new option is available to simple enable/disable maps from being shown completely. Look for the option labeled,

Show location data in message reports

More Information

These topics are touched upon in then following blog post:



Tracker: "Unique" Opens/Clickthroughs, etc aren't calculated correctly, as Personally Identifying Information isn't collected since v11



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.3.0 release of Dada Mail.


UI bug in Installer - Advanced Options bleeds out of div #810


Tracker: "Unique" Opens/Clickthroughs, etc aren't calculated correctly, as Personally Identifying Information isn't collected since v11




Google+ Support Dropped

Google+ has been effectively shuttered, so we've removed support for it from the app.


Enhanced One-Click Unsubscription support via Email Headers (per RFC 8058)

Dada Mail has supported "one-click unsubscribe" when a user clicsk one of the unsubscribe buttons/links in the mailing list message, as well as via the List-Unsubscribe email header. The latter of which isn't shown directly to a subscriber, but may be used by their mail reader to provide a mechanism to unsubscribe through it's own UI.

There's a problem though with this List-Unsubscribe header:

Sometimes the unsubscription link in the header is visted by anti-virus software which, after visiting the link will unsubscribe the user without any direct action from the subscriber themselves! This leads to all sort of administration problems, as list owners are losing subscribers who would like very much to stay on their mailing list.

Dada Mail now supports one-click unsubscribe via the List-Unsubscribe header without this problem happening. This is done by following RFC 8058, which provides a mechanism to utilize one-click unsubscribe via the headers, but stops the scenario described above from happening.

Any email reader that supports RFC 8058 will allow your subscribers one-click unsubscribe. Any mail reader that doesn't support this mechanism will still be able to use the fallback, email-only option, also located in the mail header. Either way, incorrect unsubscriptions throught his mechanism shouldn't happen anymore. In our testing, we've found that most email readers actually only support emailing the list owner, when a user clicks the email reader-provided unsubscribe link.

Enhanced List-Unsubscribe header email-only option

If the above mechanism isn't supported by the mail reader, there's a good chance that the fallback is. That fallback being: the mail reader sends an actual email message to the list owner. This email message option has also now been made a bit more useful. In past versions of Dada Mail, an email would be sent to the list owner, telling them the address that wants to be removed as well as the list they should be removed from. It was up to the list owner to go through the list control panel to remove this address.

Starting with v11.3.1, the unsubscription link itself needed to unsubscribe the address from the list will be embedded within the email message the list owner receives, so all they have to do now is click that link.

List-Unsubscribe header can now be enabled/disabled

If one decides instead to not have the List-Unsubscribe header available at all, there is a new option to not enable/disable it from being used. This option is available in the list control panel under,

Mass Mailing: Options: Headers: Use, "List-Unsubscribe" headers



New Options to Complete Unsubscriptions

To coincide with the enhancements to the List-Unsubscribe header, we've expanded the options on what happens when a subscriber clicks the unsubscription buttons/links in mailing list messages themselves.

The three options are now:

One-Click Unsubscription

Once a subscriber clicks on a unsubscription link/button in the mailing list message, they'll be unsubscribed right away, with no further action by the user. Super convenient for the subscriber! And one we suggest, especially since the enhancements to the List-Unsubscribe header have been made and the problem with anti-virus software getting in the way have now been worked out.

One issue with this option though is that a user may inadvertantly click the unsubscription button/link, or forward the mailing list message to someone else, that then clicks that same button/link. Yikes!

Once a subscriber clicks on a unsubscription link/button in the mailing list message, they will be presented with a screen, that just asks them to click a link/button to complete the unsubscription. This method may help with people inadvertantly clicking the unsubscribe link/buttons in the mailing list message by mistake. It's the option selected by default. This option is also the newest option added.

Fill in the email address, the submit a form

Once a subscriber clicks on a unsubscription link/button in the mailing list message, they will be present with a screen with a form in it, that just asks them to fill in their email address to complete the unsubscription.

This option is a good one, if you're running a discussion mailing list where email messages are commonly replied to/forwarded to other members.

The unsubscription buttons/links embedded in the message may be clicked upon by a different user than the one that received the message, and this simple form can help stop unsubscriptoions done inadvertantly.

All these options work ndependently to the "one-click unsubscribe" support through the List-Unsubsribe header, which doesn't requires (and cannot have!) any user intervention.

Bounce Handler Enhancements

IMAP Support Added

Set up the Bounce Handler to connect to your Bounce Handler Email address via IMAP. This additional option (along with original option of connecting via POP3) gives you more flexibility on how to connect to your Bounce Handler Email address to help fit more email hosting scenarios. For example, those who are using Microsoft Exchange to administrate email may find better success using IMAP, rather than POP3.

Option to select IMAP is available in the Dada Mail Installer.

IMAP support requires that you separately install the Net::IMAP::Simple CPAN Perl module, or install/upgrade the Bundle::DadaMail CPAN Perl Module.

Instagram Support Added

Add a link to your Instagram profile in your Mailing List Information, the link will be shown in your mailing list messages, along with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and your website links.


This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.2.8 release of Dada Mail.


Installation: Global Black List + Global Unsubscribe options do not get read or saved #805


Cloning list settings during list creation does not work #799



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.2.7 release of Dada Mail.


RESTful API and saving list passwords not working correctly? #794


Sending: Options - saving SMTP settings that include a password fail when, "Save for Multiple Lists" is used #793



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.2.6 release of Dada Mail. A few small changes and features did sneak in:


Show all profile fields in closed (invite only), private mailing list invitation subscription forms

By default, closed/private lists can still invite subscibers, but the subscription form does not show any profile fields. This option, found in: Membership: Options, will allow you to show those fields.

Number of Profile Fields shown in the admin menu

If you're wondering how many, or even if you have any profile fields, that information is now shown in the admin menu itself, saving you a click.


Log Viewer Plugin: order of logs in popup menu

The following logs will now always be shown first (if the log is available):

Then, any other log will be shown - most likely, "Mass Mailing" logs. These logs will stop NOT be in any useful order, but that issue will be addressed in a future release. This is currently an open issue:



Bridge: log does not report correctly when messages are *only* sent to list owner (and not to subscribers)


install.cgi does not generate usage text


Unsubscription Check does not normalize email case


Private Lists with "Request Removal" button not shown still have List-Unsubscribe present



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.2.5 release of Dada Mail.


mailing_list_message-none.html should not have moustache template tags to render any HTML, it really should be, "none" #9


Mass Mailing: Options, "Convert CSS <style> blocks to inline styles in HTML messages " has no effect



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.2.4 release of Dada Mail.


Send a Message: no error returned if HTML Version uses Send a Webpage, but URL is blank


Send a Message: Errors in constructing email message don't always show in, "Preview"


Send a Webpage check needed if, "Do not send an HTML version (only PlainText version)" and, "Create a PlainText version automatically" are both selected



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.2.3 release of Dada Mail.


Digest message draft information using wrong character encoding (not UTF-8)


Missing closing</form> tag in, dada/template/drafts.tmpl


Mass Mailing Digests Broken



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.2.2 release of Dada Mail.


CKEditor drag and drop image upload broken


Text in Privacy Policy is white, with yellow background


Unneeded Comment after, "Ready to Join," and "Privacy Policy for,"




This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.2.1 release of Dada Mail.


Send a Message screen, "Send Test" will not pull up saved draft when screen refreshes




Set a default version (HTML, Plaintext) for mass mailing authoring

Sometimes, you want to send only PlainText mass mailings.

This new feature makes this much easier to configure. In v11.2.1 (and above), go to:

Mass Mailing: Options




Default to authoring:


PlainText Version

Doing so will:


Profile email update creates 500 error


"HTML Version", "PlainText Version" options can lose their stickiness


Custom Subject not added to new draft messages


Email Addresses can be subscribed twice if cased differently




Drafts/Send a Message UI redesign/shuffle

The Send a Message part of the app has been given a healthy UI refresh - some things to look for:

Prompt before leaving screen

If you try to leave a draft message screen without saving your changes, you'll be reminded of this with a prompt. This should help stop you from inadvertently leaving the screen prematurely.

Default screen: All Drafts/Stationery/Schedules

When you log into your mailing list's list control panel, the default screen is now the All Drafts/Stationery/Schedules screen, rather than the Send a Message screen. This is to make loading of the list control panel go a little faster, since the Send a Message screen is very complex, and takes a while to fully load.

Send a Webpage screen removed (but all features moved to Send a Message)

Having two screens that can send a mass mailing seems like one too many, so we've removed the Send a Webpage screen. Don't worry - all the features on that screen have been added to the Send a Message screen, so no features have been removed. What has been removed is a lot of duplicate code in the backend. Getting rid of this code makes things just that much more simplier to keep well-maintained.

A mass mailing message can be created by:

from the Send a Message screen

"All Drafts/Stationery/Schedules" screen changes

Individual Drafts/Stationery/Schedules now how a button to Preview the message, without having to open them individually for editing.

All messages are now sorted by creation date, rather than last-modified date, and this creation date is shown.

Mass Mailing Top Menu Changes

Send a Message has been renamed + New Draft Message. Clicking it will always create a new draft message. In previous versions of Dada Mail, any previous draft message would get loaded. This was problematic, if you had more than one draft message - things got confusing on just what draft message was now loaded. This menu item has moved one item below in the top menu bar of Mass Mailing

Drafts/Stationery/Schedules has been renamed, All Drafts/Stationery/Schedules and has been moved to the top of the Mass Mailing top bar menu. As has been mentioned, this is the defalt screen now when you log into your mailing list's list control panel.

New Option: Save Sent Draft Messages as Stationery

Many times, people would like to re-use a previously sent message for a new mass mailing. Now, Dada Mail has an option to save previously sent messages you've authored in the list control panel as new stationery messarges, which you can then use to create a new draft message from.

New Ignore Bounces Sublist

Some users have reported problems with addresses they know are valid, but which that bounce anyways: there's a (hopefully) temporary problem on the receiving mail server.

To counter this, Dada Mail now allows you to set up a list of addresses that the Bounce Handler will not process as it does usually. Instead, bounces from the addresses will just be ignored.

Addresses can be added simonilar to the Black List and White List: segments of addresses are allowed.

For example, if you want to ignore a specific email address, you can. If you want to ignore all address from a domain, you can do that as well.

RESTful API Support for Update Profile Fields

The RESTful API now supports updating profile fields (look for, update_profile_fields in the API docs) for an individual email address at a time.



Template Tag Syntax Error Check Not Working in, Mass Mailing: Send a Message/Send a Webpage


Custom Mass Mailing Layouts Have Email Themes CSS Embedded




Invitation Only Lists cannot have invited users subscribe




Multiple Subscribe option inside Plugins menu throws syntax error.


Custom "from_phrase" and "subject" set in email theme templates not used with Full Layout




Markdown Support

Many pieces of plain text copy in Dada Mail are now treated as Markdown markup, and will be treated as such if/when the copy is used as HTML.

List Settings that will get this treatment include:

Along with these list settings, mass mailing messages that are authored in plaintext will be treated as Markdown markup if they are converted to HTML.



Mass Mailing Broken - errors about missing, "To" header #744


This bug, unfortunately, will affect ALL users of at least version 11.0.5 of Dada Mail. If you are using that version, it's recommended to upgrade.

Bridge: Mass Mailings do not work: "Argument contains empty host portion of address at" error #745


Similar story on this bug.



Upgrading via CLI does not set up WYSIWYG editors/file manager correctly #743




List Invitations do not work #740


This most likely affect v11.0.2 users, as changes in that ver. touched on the code where this bug was introduced.

Resending subscription confirmation requests will fail if there are list consents #741




Custom Preheader is not set for Subscription Confirmation Message (and probably others) #736


UTF-8 characters in email headers of email templates cause server errors #735


Custom "to_phrase" and, "from_phrase" set in email theme templates aren't always actively used in email messages sent out #734



Custom To/From phrases as well as Custom Subject do not get applied correctly #721




Digests not working in v11.0.0 #732



Unfortunately, I had to choose one setting to work with one feature, and make the other setting use a different key.

I've chosen to have the "backlink" URL and Nmae to use different keys.

Imported Addresses w/Profile Fields show incorrectly decoded UTF-8 characters #730


"Form Fields" listing lacks List Consents #727


"Minimal Subscription Form" HTML code lacks List Consents #726



Major Changes: GDPR Compliance

This version has been released almost exclusively to help users/administrators of Dada Mail to more easily comply with the GDPR. More information about what has changed can be found in the included GDRP Guide for Dada Mail


Unsubscribe at Anytime | Privacy Policy

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