v10.x Changelog



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v10.3.0 release of Dada Mail.


Google reCAPTCHA compatibility/configuration check returns false positive #630




This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v10.3.0 release of Dada Mail.


Google reCAPTCHA code not shown at all/shown for every profile field for Minimal Subscription Form #627


Plugins: Bridge Discussion Lists do not work if Google reCAPTCHA is enabled for the initial sign up form #628


Bounce Handler: modal window does not show history of bounces, but message, "plugin not registered" #626




Mass Mailing Message from RSS Feed

Dada Mail can transform a RSS Feed into an email message to tbe sent as a mass mailing. Read how to work with this in the following article:


Find this option in the list control panel under,

Mass Mailing - Send a Webpage

In the HTML Version tab, click the option,

Grab content from an RSS/Atom feed

and enter the URL of the feed in the textbox below this radio button. Additional options are available, including adding HTML content before and after the entries from the feed, setting how many entries are included in the message, and if the full entry is included or just a summary should be used.

Sending content from a feed becomes very powerful, when set up to send on a recurring schedule. If the option,

Only send the next scheduled mass mailing, if the primary content differs from the previous scheduled mass mailing

is checked, only newer entries that have not already been sent will be included in future mass mailings.



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v10.2.3 release of Dada Mail.


Attachments in archived messages with encoded filenames cannot be downloaded #623



API bug in Mass Mailings Sent by Schedules and Webservices #625




This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v10.2.2 release of Dada Mail.


Switching lists when working on a draft causes Server Error #621


Filenames in attachments are not properly encoded #602




This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v10.2.1 release of Dada Mail.


No default subject is set in Send a Message or Send a URL screens #618


Characters in the Subject header of the, "mass mailing finished notification" may be garbled. #619


"Forward to a Friend" DMARC issues #613


Encoding Issues with HTML Message Body in Send a Message screen #610




This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v10.2.0 release of Dada Mail.


Subject wrongly encoded in Drafts/Stationery/Schedules screen #614


Google reCAPTCHA fails on signup form in certain situations #615


Membership: View Screen hides buttons in Safari browser #616




We've added support for showing a CAPTCHA on the initial signup form!

See the post about this feature for more details:


as well as the docs on advanced installation configuration,


We've also removed support for reCAPTCHA v1, and the Default CAPTCHA type. You're so much better served with reCAPTCHA v2, that these other choices just aren't worth your time.

reCAPTCHA v2 requires the following CPAN module: Google::reCAPTCHA, which you can install on its own, or through our, Bundle::DadaMail module, which will install all the other optional CPAN modules Dada Mail takes advantage of. Here's how you install CPAN modules,




Themes! Dada Mail now comes with 10+ new themes, to complement the Default theme that first shipped with v10.0.0. Themes can be selected per mailing list in, Appearance: Email Themes. A preview of the selected theme will be shown below the form on this screen.



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in v10.0.2 of Dada Mail.


Set default layout for mass mailings

This is a small feature, but could be useful for people who normally send messages using Bridge, but want to use a layout that's not the default (Full) layout. Now, you may set which template is used by default, on allyour mass mailings. Look in the Mass Mailing: Options screen for the option to set this up under, Default Mass Mailing Layout

Work on Scheduled Tasks

This release has more work on scheduled tasks, and making sure that they're not run concurrently, which could cause the tasks needed to be done, done two or more times. There's also work on quashig any race conditions that could potentially happen. This work is a continuation of the work described below under, Bridge, Lock Files, and zombie processes.


This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in v10.0.1 of Dada Mail.


By default, all images in an HTML message are attached and embedded within the email message itself.

This can lead to large email messages, so we've added a new option to simply link to these images instead. Look for the option in the List Control Panel under, Mass Mailing: Options. This will affect all email messages sent out from a mailing list, not just messages sent out in a mass mailing.

Content-Disposition header added to embeded image attachments

Related to the abov change, the Content-Disposition header appears to have been missing from the MIME part that relates to the attached images. This may cause the embedded image to show up by itself at the end of a message, depending on your mail reader. We hope the iclusion of this header will stop this from happenig in most mail readers.

Bridge, Lock Files, and zombie processes

This is a big one, if you are running discussion mailing lists. We've made a few changes, to help make running multiple mailing lists with Bridge a lot smoother.

The first change we've made is making sure the lockfile created is specifically named for the mailing list being worked on. In the past, the SAME lockfile was used for all mailing lists, so if there was a problem with one mailing list, the next mailing list worked on may not be successful, because the lock was still "live", basically. Bridge would also not unlock the lockfile if there was say, a error with logging into the POP3 server, causing problems on additional runs of the plugin. This may culminate into zombie processes of Dada Mail, as well as perhaps even the POP3 daemon, which may have a connection kept open by a zombie process. All of this isn't good stuff, and we hope to have cleared out this problem.

If you're experiencing zombie processes, and you're running mailing lists with Bridge enabled, these above issues may be affecting you. Upgrading could help you out, immensely.

Javascript Scrubber Disabled

For the time being, the Javascript scrubber for Dada Mail has been disabled, as it also breaks HTML links that have template tags embedded within them.



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in v10.0.0 of Dada Mail.


Data in Email Templates not properly UTF-8 Decoded


Previews do not work on upgraded Dada Mails, because the table previews are stored is never created


Schedule and Stationary screens do not have Preview button


Using Preview with no content gives no results




Enhanced Email Messages

Powered by Foundation for Emails

Foundation for Emails (http://foundation.zurb.com/emails.html) is a framework to develop HTML email messages that, "Sucks Less": they're beautiful, responsive, and look correctly in most HTML-capable email readers - even Outlook!

Work with these HTML emails via Sass Workflow:


Dada Mail's quiver of HTML email templates has been turned into its own Github project:


which you may use as a starter for your own customized email templates for Dada Mail:


Email Themes

Dada Mail now has support for Email Themes: collections of email templates that you may use to customize the look and feel of your email messages.

Currently, Dada Mail comes with one email theme and supports additional custom themes.

Mass Mailing Email Layouts

Email Themes include the ability to choose a specific layout for your mass mailing to be wrapped up in.

Currently, the following layouts are available:

Mass Mailing Preview

Without needing to send a test message out, you may now preview how your mass mailing will look, right in the Send a Message screen. This makes it easy to try different layouts and other options out, before comitting to sending to your entire mailing list.

Preheader support

Set a Preheader for your mass mailings in the Send a Message and Send a Webpage screens. Use the preheader to summarize, preview, and entice subscribers into reading the rest of your message.

The newly improved HTML email messages also support showing a logo, and list social media likns - these all can be set under Mailing List - List Information

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