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Re: add Sender-ID in header

September 19th 2017

From: > From: 455750938@PROTECTED > Hi everyone, I need to add Sender-ID in email header. I find a simple way by adding below code before "# List-Archive" in /DADA/Mail/Send.pm: You'll have to use the _verp method: $lh{'Sender'} = '<'. $self->_verp( $self->{ls}->param('admin_email') ) . '>' ; ...Continue Reading

project wide bounced list

August 15th 2017

Hi All, Amazon SES have a site wide bounce list. If an email address is hard bounced, none other can send to this email any more. Can dada mail achieve a similar function, like project wide hard bounce list, if an email address is hard bounced in one list, then it can't be sent to in another list? ...Continue Reading

bounce mail ending at wrong mailaddress?

August 11th 2017

LS. Funny problem here. I have several mailinglists in dadamail. Now it seems the bouncemail of list A is been sent to list-mailaddress of List B. Is this a bug? Anybody recognizes this issue? Regards, eef ...Continue Reading

add Sender-ID in header

August 5th 2017

Hi everyone, I need to add Sender-ID in email header. I find a simple way by adding below code before "# List-Archive" in /DADA/Mail/Send.pm: # Sender-ID if ($self->{ls}->param('verp_return_path') == 1) { $lh{'Sender'} = '<'. $self->{ls}->param('admin_email') .'>' ; }else{ $lh{'Sender'} = '<' . $self->{ls}->param('admin_email') . '>' ;}# Sender-ID But it is not verp. Does anyone know how to add verp Sender-ID? ...Continue Reading

SparkPost SMTP Gateway Tutorial

July 11th 2017

From: Given the interest in SparkPost recently, here's a little tutorial on how to to set up the SMTP Relay SparkPost provides with Dada Mail: http://blog.dadamailproject.com/2017/07/11/getting-started-with-sparkpost-email-delivery-service-and-dada-mail/ Cheers, ...Continue Reading

dada 10.5.0 failing at grabbing web page (HTML doc passed with no body tag?!)

July 9th 2017

Hi Justin, I still did not upgrade to 10.7.0 (tomorrow I have to send a 9k recipient message). I'm trying to send the message from a webpage (as I usually did) so that images get properly attached and referenced. However, I'm getting a "Sorry, there is no content." message (when I know there is content). FWIW, the webpage to be sent is [1]https://mailing.juanabsatz.com/2017/mailing-2017-07-15-CarasYCaretas.html The errors.txt log says:HTML doc passed with no body tag?! at DADA/ ...Continue Reading

v10.7.0 Released

July 6th 2017

From: Hi Everyone - v10.7.0 has been released. Download and install: http://dadamailproject.com/d/install_dada_mail.pod.html Changelog (and below): http://dadamailproject.com/d/changes_10_x.pod.html#pod10.7.0 10.7.0 Features Support for embedding Google Analytics-style UTM parameters into your message links Dada Mail now makes it easy to add UTM parameters to the links in your email messages. If you use a platform like Google Analytics, you can then see when visitors come to your site, from a li ...Continue Reading

Re: Feature Request For Comments: automatically adding UTM query string parameters/Google Analytics Integration

July 5th 2017

Here's a followup to this feature, as I've done a bit of work on this, and would like to ship something, before I go! See the attached screenshot - you'll find this in the, "Send a Message"/"Send a Webpage" screen under the, "Options" tab: [IMAGE] * Add UTM parameters to links with the following domains: This enables/disables the feature. You can then set exactly what domains get the UTM parameters. If you leave this blank, all links will get the UTM parameters. ...Continue Reading

Re: First test of 10.5.0 failing

July 4th 2017

On Jul 4, 2017, at 3:00 PM, Mariano Absatz - gmail [1]el.baby@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers] <[2]dadadev@PROTECTED> wrote: FWIW, it worked just fine without ssl. Now I have to see why sparkpost keeps rejecting the message, but smtp communication went just fine. Well, that's a little better. I'm betting it not working with SSL is a shortcoming of Dada Mail with its current SMTP library. The newer one will work much better, and have a few more options. I'm pretty happ ...Continue Reading

Re: First test of 10.5.0 failing

July 4th 2017

FWIW, it worked just fine without ssl. Now I have to see why sparkpost keeps rejecting the message, but smtp communication went just fine. -- Mariano Absatz - El Baby [1]www.clueless.com.ar On 4 July 2017 at 17:15, Mariano Absatz - gmail [2]el.baby@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers] <[3]dadadev@PROTECTED> wrote: Sorry, I didn't read your last 2 messages. Gonna try port 255 without SSL (and eagery wait for dada 10.7) :) Have a nice trip to the mountains. -- Maria ...Continue Reading
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