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v5.2.1 Released; Last Chance for Pro Dada Forever

August 17th 2012

Dada Mail v5.2.0 Released, Rich Text Editors!

July 30th 2012

Dada Mail v5.1.0 Released

May 31st 2012

Dada Mail v5.0.1 Released, Pro Dada Upgrades 25% off until the 25th, new Upgrade Screencast

April 3rd 2012

Announcing: Dada Mail Five

March 19th 2012

Dada Mail v4.9.1 Released

January 6th 2012

Dada Mail v4.9.0 Released

December 7th 2011

Dada Mail 4.8.0 Released

September 29th 2011

Dada Mail 4.7.2 Released

September 17th 2011

Dada Mail 4.7.1 Released

September 15th 2011

Dada Mail 4.7.0 Released, New Website

September 6th 2011

Dada Mail 4.6.1 Released

August 23rd 2011

Dada Mail 4.6.0 Released

August 7th 2011

Dada Mail 4.5.2 Released!

July 13th 2011

The Dada Mail Lead Dadaist is Back

July 11th 2011

Dada Mail 4.5.0 Released. New Tracker Plugin!

May 12th 2011

Dada Mail v4.4.0 Released

February 16th 2011

Dada Mail Four Point One Point One Released

December 26th 2010

Dada Mail 4.3.0 Released! Get 25% off an Install/Upgrade

November 28th 2010

Dada Mail 4.2.1 Released, New Screencasts Available

October 21st 2010

Dada Mail Four Point Two Point Zero Released, now with Installer

August 24th 2010

Dada Mail 4.2.0 Beta 2 Released - New Web-Based Installer Included

July 26th 2010

Dada Mail Four Point One Point Zero Released

June 10th 2010

Dada Mail Four Point Zero Point Five Released

May 12th 2010

Dada Mail Four Point Zero Point Four Released

March 30th 2010

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