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Re: Dada Mail - no CSS

Sent October 31st 2014

> I know the CSS file is located at > > /cgi-bin/dada_mail_support_files/static/css/dada_mail.css > > But can anyone tell me where I should be finding the url link to this file to check it is correct? When you install Dada Mail, don't set the location of your dada_mail_support_files directory to be inside your cgi-bin - files in that directory won't be served the same way, as files outside of it. Rather, just set the dada_mail_support_files location to be, say, in your public_html directory (just not ...

Dada Mail - no CSS

Sent October 30th 2014

Untitled DocumentHi to all,I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction with a simple (!) question?Having run a few Dada Mail lists over recent years, I decided to update one (as a fresh install) to 7.3.1 as part of a general refresh.Having successfully done so, it appears the installation has lost its link to the CSS such that all pages appear as plain text.I know the CSS file is located at /cgi-bin/dada_mail_support_files/static/css/dada_mail.cssBut can anyone tell me where I should be finding the url link t...

Taking some time off between Oct 30th - November 15th

Sent October 23rd 2014

Hello Everyone, I'll be traveling between 10/30 and 11/15 with a crazy arts/performance project, so online stuff is going to be limited. If you have any work you would like to hire me for, please get in touch with me sooner, rather than later. I'm having a deal on installs right now (10% off with the coupon code INSTALLV73!), if that's something to entice you with: http://dadamailproject.com/installation/request.html Cheers, ...

Re: AWS EU (Frankfurt) Region

Sent October 23rd 2014

The Frankfurt region doesn't seem to include SES yet: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/DeveloperGuide/regions.html > The new Frankfurt region provides a broad suite of AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, AWS CloudHSM, Amazon Glacier, Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Storage Gateway, Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Identity and Access ...

AWS EU (Frankfurt) Region

Sent October 23rd 2014

*From:* Amazon Web Services [mailto:aws-marketing-email-replies@amazon.com] *Sent:* Thursday, October 23, 2014 9:45 AM*Subject:* Announcing the AWS EU (Frankfurt) Region     Dear AWS Customer, We are excited to announce the immediate availability of our new EU (Frankfurt) infrastructure region. The Frankfurt region joins Ireland as AWS’ second European location, and provides you with a new option for end users and applications benefiting from infrastructure located in continental Europe. In our ...

Why Everyone Is Obsessed With E-Mail Newsletters Right Now

Sent October 19th 2014

Interesting article, http://techcrunch.com/2014/08/23/why-everyone-is-obsessed-with-e-mail-newsletters-right-now/ ...

v7.3.0 Released

Sent October 14th 2014

Hello Everyone, v7.3.0 has been released! * Download and Install: http://dadamailproject.com/d/install_dada_mail.pod.html * Changelog: Features 7.3.0 Experimental Web Services API Here's the full docs on our new Experimental Web Services API: http://dadamailproject.com/d/features-restful_web_services.pod.html In a nutshell, these new webservices give you administrative power to validate and subscribe addresses, unsubscribe addresses get and set list settings and send out mass mailings from another applicatio...

Re: Test,

Sent October 13th 2014

Reply #2 ...

Re: Test,

Sent October 13th 2014

Reply! ...


Sent October 13th 2014

Test message for the new version… ...

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