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Announce: v9.0.0 Beta 2 Released

Sent November 24th 2015

Hello everyone, v9 Beta TWO! is out the door. This is a polished up version of beta 1, which was in pretty good shape as it is. These releases are (and will) reflect small changes I'm making to the app, as I get ready for the main release. Since the backend hasn't changed much, as this release focuses on the front end, it's actually quite stable. If you're running v8, this will be a very easy upgrade to v9. Download and Install,

Good by support boards/forums, hello Zendesk

Sent November 24th 2015

Hi Everyone, So, with the coming of v9 of Dada Mail, I'll be closing the support boards/forums found at: and moving to Zendesk. I'm overwhelmingly the one who answers posts, so I might as well do it on my terms ;) (this discussion list will remain). Support via Zendesk will be prioritized to Pro Dada Subscribers, and instructions on how to open up a ticket are in the Pro Dada area (once logged in), as well as the contact page, ...

Survey for... the future!

Sent November 19th 2015

Hey everyone - I recently announced v9 beta 1 on the announcement list. I also linked to a survey about how some questions I have about where to go development-wise after v9 is out. I also offered a discount on Pro Dada subscriptions - if you'd like to take advantage of that same deal - here's the survey, Cheers, ...

Dada Mail v9 preview screencast

Sent November 17th 2015

Here's a quick tour of the new responsive layout/design of v9: I'm getting pretty excited to switch all my clients over ;) ...

Screenshots of v9

Sent November 17th 2015

I've started to put together a preview of v9 of Dada Mail - To give you a taste of what v9 is all about. Hope it looks good! I urge you to give a go, yourself. Since little has changed in the backend, if you're running v8 now, upgrading (or downgrading) to v9 should be simple. Give it a taste on your mobile device as well, and let me know how well that's working for you too, ...

Announce: Dada Mail v9.0.0 Beta 1 Released

Sent November 17th 2015

Hello Everyone, The first beta version of Dada Mail 9 is out the door - download and install: The version of Dada Mail differs from its predecessors with a completely redesigned and reimagined responsively-designed front end, to help you better be productive on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Dada Mail 8.x to Dada Mail 9.x Guide

Test after ever upgrade

Sent November 13th 2015

Just making sure things are working after an (unannounced) server upgrade, No need to reply. Beta of v9, coming soon! ...

Announcement: v9.0.0 Alpha 2 Released

Sent November 9th 2015

Hello Everyone, With much excitement, I'm happy to announce that v9.0.0 Alpha 2 is out the door! Download and install: (a Pro Dada version is also available) This release further refines the brand new frontend design of Dada Mail The largest enhancement is the use of top bar in the list control panel, to replace the side bar navigation. (Reverting to the classic look is still possible!). This is the first release that includ...

Test of v9.0.0 a2

Sent November 8th 2015

Test just seeing if we're still online here, no need to reply ;) ...

Re: list control panel navigation change in v9 - top bar?

Sent November 2nd 2015

Here's a somewhat rudimentary example of how the interface responds to working in a mobile environment as well as different screen sizes: The idea is to make it work well on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. I'm not sure if sending a fancy and highly formatted message is going to be really realistic to do on mobile, but you certainly can send something off on the Desktop, and then check the status of your mass mailing on your phone. The Tracker plugin actually is working really...

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