Dada Mail 2.10.13 Beta 1 Released

From: Simoni Creative <dada@skazat.com>
Subject: Dada Mail 2.10.13 Beta 1 Released
Date: February 12th 2007

Hello Everyone,

Table of Contents:

.: Dada Mail 2.10.13 Beta 1 Released
.: Important Note About Upcoming Release .: Professional Installation/Upgrade Services

:: Dada Mail 2.10.13 Beta 1 Released

I'm very happy to announce the immediate availability of Dada Mail, version 2.10.13 Beta 1. This version contains bug fixes found in version 2.10.12 series. This version is still in development, so do take caution when using.

As always, Dada Mail is a free download. Direct download links:

zip version:


tar.gz version:


For a complete changelog please see:


Many important bugs have been fixed in this release, as well as a few new features, all detailed in the link above.

We're looking for feedback on this development release, so please, if you'd like, give this new version a test run and let us know how it's performing for you.

:: Important Note About Upcoming Release

We'll be slightly changing the differences between Basic Dada Mail and Pro Dada. Don't worry - Basic Dada Mail will continue to be free and open to all under the Gnu Public License, but we will be giving more resources away in Pro Dada and putting a few more links back to the support site in Basic Dada Mail.

We've outlined the changes we're going to make here:


If you'd like to give feedback on these changes, please let us know if you have any issues, ideas, requests, etc.

:: Professional Installation/Upgrade Services

As always, we are providing professional, secure and awesome installation/upgrade services that include fixing corrupted installations, server moves, troubleshooting and also personal consultation and contracting.

For simple installation/upgrades, please see:


for more information. Currently, a pro upgrade to 2.10.12 from any previous version of Dada Mail is only $50. This upgrade comes with one full year of free upgrades to the program as they become available. A great deal.

Make sure to check out some great options when getting an installation/upgrade. Some of these options include:

+ FCKeditor WYSIWYG HTML editor support + Installation of, "Mystery Girl", the bounce handler for Dada Mail + Installation of, "Beatitude", the scheduled mailer for Dada Mail + High-Traffic Optimization of Dada Mail + Discussion List support via the dada_bridge.pl plugin + Server Migration

That's about it - please let us know how we're doing, how the new beta is treating you and how you're personally using Dada Mail!


Justin Simoni
Lead Dadaist

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